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Livebait Tank


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I have a 4.50m Bermuda Island Coral runabout. I am interested in having a live bait tank installed. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas where to place this tank, or know of someone who could supply a tank and install?Any idea of cost?

Pictures of the boat are attached.





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gday mate!

there are many ways to do it, you can buy a full setup from boating places for around $250-$260 i think or i think watto's have them, you can make your own from a plastic drum or esky as i have done recently and cost me around $110! or you could get something custom made, i think there is another recent post with something crafted into the boat!

as for the plumbing there is also plenty of options, i have attatched the pump to the back of my boat and run hose up over the back of my boat into the drum and down to the bottom. then i have an overflow hose running out over the back of the boat! alternativly neater looking and better for flow (altough i have a small pump and im happy with the flow) you can run the pickup through the back of the hull and have the pump inside the boat and entering the tank at the bottom with the outlet at the top!

that should give you some ideas now just to have a good think about whats going to suit you and your boat and go for it!

if you need help id be happy to lend a hand!

check these out!





there should be some inspiration!

can you post a pic of the boat from inside facing back to the area in front of th motor!

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