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Vhf Radios


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Purchasing a unit from America shouldn't be a problem as I think all channels are the same?? Maybe only repeater channels are changed although emergency ones are identical?

Possibly another raider and clarify as anything to do with safety should be double checked.


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You should make sure that it has a (INT) international channel setting as well.

Our local repeaters require that INT or AUS is selected ALSO In USA mode some channels have restricted output power.

Other channels such as 87A and the seaphone channels may not be available on the radio. But both are generally defunct and not in use any more here (seaphone has vitualy gone in Australia now)

The problem with a US sourced unit is that the default setting may be USA and everytime you switch it on it goes into USA meaning you need to manually select INT or AUS.

But in a nut shell, it will generally work here.



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