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Iron Cove Session


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Went down to Iron Cove for a spin this morning to see if I could get myself a bream or two. Noticed something was smashing bait schools in a little bay, so walked over for a closer look.

After about ten minutes of unsuccessfully trying to cast my lure into the boil (the things were moving too fast!) I hooked up to something rather spirited and landed this:


Haven't seen sambos this far up the river before!

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Hi guys,

Wasn't fishing *that* light...3lb crystal fireline (seriously doubt it breaks at 3lb...give it 6 at least?) and 6lb leader...

Having said that though I do like my little 1000 sized twinpower (it even gets used nearly as much as my baitcasters!) as the smaller reels more comfortable to fish with IMHO and I've never been spooled or busted off in my life so I'm quite happy to tempt fate until I start catching fish that are big enough for that kind of business! :1prop:

I was using a 3inch bass minnow...greenish hue similar to watermelon but a bit darker...name escapes me!



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good catch :thumbup:

never knew the water was so fresh at iron :biggrin2:

only caught flatties,breams,whitings at iron cove

did fight something really strong on the iron cove wharf with my 6lb fireline last time but i lost it ><

felt like a kingie but maybe because i was using light tackle :thumbdown:

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