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The Spoils Of War - Jervis Bay Yellowfin Tuna


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Hi Guys,

As most of Sydney also did, i took off south for the APEC long weekend with the vision of wetting a line and hopefully getting a few fish weather permitting. I went down to Jervis Bay with a Keepin_TABS and co. to fish the saturday in the hope of scoring either Kings or some YFT.

I fished aboard Yankee Doodle on a rough saturday and managed only a dozen striped tuna, a few were kept for bait, we were unsuccessful on the troll despite a few other boats taking fin in the 25-35kg range, we cubed the afternoon for zeros.

Sunday was a better day, with reports of YFT captures crackling over the radio from first light, we trolled our way to 350 fth for two stripies before we set our cube trail and started strpping lines out. More reports of YFT captures came over the radio and half an hour later we got our first run, a spirited fight later and a 33kg fin hit the deck after a gaff shot by yours truly, a quick bleed and on to the ice. I baited up for my turn at stripping and had the line ripped from my hands after throwing 10m of line into the water, woooo! i was on to a fish, and it was pulling hard! how i had missed the screaming run of the YFT! 10 minutes later a 34kg (bled) fish was expertly gaffed by captain Rick. It was exctiting to finally take a YFT after countless unsucessful cubing trips, it was my first YFT on the cube my PB by at least 5kg. Other reports of two fish to 40 and 56kg came over the radio. things slowed down in the middle of the tide until we had a 200kg mako shark arrive and take the cube i had fed out for a tuna, after a few hard runs and about 20 laps of the boat me won his freedom, he hung around but refused the 10/0 stainless shark hook and 300lb wire.

All in all a great weekend, very happy with my new YFT pb, heres a few pics.

Marlin Magic with a cracker fin


Yours truly with a new PB certified on the lie detector



the crew for the weekend.



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How good is that Sammy?

Extremely well done :thumbup::thumbup:

By the way,

You , being the king of fishing-bling and all..................

Did you notice someone on the boat was wearing the same sort of boots as you ?????

I never thought you would allow this to happen :074::074:



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Sweet pics and report Ant, looks like you had an awesome weekend!!! Good stuff to all the boys who caught fish, got stuck into them by the sounds of it!!!! Didn't lose any gear either!!!! Worked your ass off to plan the weekend, and everyone had a ripper time, good stuff mate. I would love to come down in a coupla years and giv it a go, cant wait!


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