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Outside Broken Bay


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Headed out quite early in the morning, just after midnight to just outside barrenjoey head. Spent the morning there until sunrise for nothing, not even a bite. We wanted to find the salmon in broken bay in the morning, but after 2 hours of waiting we decided to head out wide to do some bottom bashing.

We headed to terrigal wide to be greated by dolphins again. There was no fish there last we saw dolphins there, and there were no fish there this time.

I thought i saw some birds diving closer in but by the time i set up a lure and got over there they were no where to be seen. So we anchored up at avoca reef and caught some nanygai's, bakers, wrasse, cod, leatheries and a trev, and saw some whales checking out another boat..

Soon the wrasse were taking everything we put down there and we already had enough so we decided to do a bit of trolling along the coast. I was hoping to get onto some tailor, kingies or some sambos, but only got 2 bakers... oh well, hopfully the warmer months will bring in the bigger fish.

We then anchored up at east reef and caught the biggest PJ shark i have seen. It was at 15-20kg's easily. Soon followed a snapper, a mowie and another 3 PJ shark of similar.

As always, another great day on the water....


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Guest Big-Banana

Don't go touching the spikes, they'll give you nasty sting, but you can eat them.

Boil them and they'll provide a nice white flesh, tastes great.

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No more fiddly to clean than any other fish with a good sharp fillet knife. Wear fishing or garden gloves for protection and just fillet them like you would any other fish that size.

The flesh has a consistency that is a hybrid between quality white fish and lobster flesh, I guess thats why theyre nicknamed poor mans lobster.

Just fry the fillets in a pan any which way and they'll come up really nice.

I'm quite happy for people to put them back... More for us!! :biggrin2:

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Well i guess when i go out this weekend pass the heads at the hacking i will be keeping a few rock cod then... :-) Is there a size limit on them???

No size limit...i threw a few back as there is no point mucking around cleaning the smaller ones.

Great catch mate! I enjoy catches like those, i got a similar catch last weekend.

Mate what type of fishign were you doing before sunrise? Bottom bashing on a reef?


Yeah...we were doing some bottom bashing and had a floating pilli out also.

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