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The Dynamic Duo


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Well it really isnt Swordfisherman and Banana Boy :074: It was Bream Busters and myself out for a day of soft plastic fishing in the Cooks.

The day started off beautifully with great conditions and may I say the new additons to the Mutch Street boat ramp are excellent with the new pontoon all the way to the bank :thumbup: .

We hit the water at 6 am and headed upstream with the incoming tide which was almost over.

The bream were a bit finicky hitting the plastics but the flathead well and truly made up for it.



We were doing just ok and had a few bream on the board when all of a sudden I spy out of my little eyes (cause I was so tired) Banana Boy in the corner scoffing down this big yellow thing :1yikes: I let out a few expletives and then some and told Brad if Ross Hunter had of seen this you would be in the drink by now. :074: Brad then said "whats wrong with them " more expletives :ranting2: .

Anyways he catches a good sized bream after this and then tells me he has the biggest bream so far (what cheek).


We start to get on top of the bream as the tide slows on the ebb and they begin hitting the 3 inch gulps in lime tiger with gusto and we score a pretty reasonable bag of average fish.





Plenty of flatties thrown in and a PB for me on plastics ,a 36 cm whiting on a pumpkin seed bass minnow.




A great day out Brad and your company was once again a pleasure.The only thing I had the shits about was he left the bloody BANANA PEELS at my joint :1badmood: He is trying to put the mockas on me.


And I nearly forgot ,Brad scored a few plastic or rubber things on his banana tainted plastics and one of em was ribbed for pleasure :074:

Cheers Stewy

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Not a bad day at all Stewy. The whiting must have been a bit of a surprise that far up the Cooks river, ay.

I wonder whether the whiting was an early spring arrival or the last of the up river dawdlers.

It's amazing how fish come out on the bite when the wind changes from southerly to north easterly and easterly directions.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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At first I really thought you were admiring my banana, that’s why I offered to share it with you :08:

And what happened after you went off about bananas on board? Just as I said, I caught a nice bream :1fishing1:

Mate you claim that stinking garlic spray is the be all and end all I reckon you should try a bit of banana yourself sometime :1fish:

But as you said, we had a great day with plenty of laughs and some mighty fine fishing as well. Thanks for a great day.


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Well done lads. Very nice session on sp's. :thumbup:

Nice whiting Stewy...Yummm.

Maybe we should have called you P1 & P2 as in Bananas in Pyjamas. :074:

An old mate of mine was so superstitious about bananas on the boat

that he wouldn't even let a bag of those lolly bananas aboard. :banana::banana:



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please tell me that those fish went back and not on the plate :)

ps good fish I thought the only thing you could fish out of the cooks was a dead body :D

We ate the lot and they were yummy ,NOT :thumbdown:

I release most of the fish I catch and bream are not one of the fish I favour for the table anyways.

I do keep a few Luderick at times for my Mum who loves em :biggrin2:

Cheers Stewy

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