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Flatties Hittin Plastics Plus The Odd Sambo


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My young mate Keelan and i headed out Saturday to patonga to thow some plastics around.

Started off slow with the odd undersize flattie, hoping Kez would hook something big ( he's only starting out), and as he tried a cast a bit out from the shore, let the plastic drop and he's on with a classic sambo on light outfit, - exactly what the doctor ordered for a beginner. With such light gear, he was on for a good 10mins.

Continued to catch more flattie, until Kez hooked onto another bigger Sambo.

Once the southerly came up, we boated over to the shore at F&S and chucked some plastics around between the weed beds and picked up two more flattie.

Caught 12 all up plus 4 tailor and the two salmon.




Also went out monday morning, on freeway at 5am, trailor tyre blows, have to wait till 8am down in Gosford for tyre, just a crappy start with my useless set up. Finally got out at 10am, started off slow on the bottom of the tide, when it started to come in, things picked up, the flatties hit those 4" power minnows no hassles.

Got 13 all up, kept a few for a family BBQ.

Hope you're all well.



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Well done boys and a great post.

I have been fishing up there all week and have come home with a good feed everyday. I ended up throwing my gulps at schools of salmon and they absolutely smashed them within seconds. I reckon I'll give the metal lures the flick, too much hard work.

See you on the water.

Regards, Hutcho

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Thanks Dave, yeah it seems to be working, although i can't take any credit for it as Flatties arent that picky when it comes to soft plastics.

Its such a great area down there huh.

Yeah, i never have much success with the metal lures on the schools. My theory is it spooks them.

Where as SP's don't so much.

I find if they're particular picky, then i'll go down to a 2" grub of some sort in a white/silvr colour, they usually love them.

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