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Audley Weir


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hey guys,

we were down in the national park last weekend and while crossing audley weir i notice a few old blokes flickin bibless minnows on the downstream side of the wall.....i'm no bass expert but i'm reasonably sure they are on their way back up river from spawning.... is this what the boys were chasin??

if so there is some magic country down there... what a spot for a fish

thx guys


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Hi Ian , Perhaps people who have fished in the freshwater side can assist with your question. I think that Bass numbers may be somewhat depleted seeing they can't get over the weir unless it's flooded.

I hope someone can advise on freshwater fishing up there at present......... It sounds very interesting as there's a few creeks running into it and the freshwater part of the Hacking winds around the bottom of the waterfall area as well.

Those "few old blokes flicking bibless minnows" sound very much in the know and I would not be at all surprised if was Gary Brown and his mates.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

PS flathead fanatic you say there's magic country down there and what a spot to fish and here's some interesting news, they're starting work on the opening up of Audley Weir in three weeks time.

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thx for the replies guys....

thats great news about the fish ladder jewgaffer, wouldn't it be nice if the powers that be and the media devoted half the time and attention to freshwater fish migration as they do to the grey nurse issue...

i had a feelin those old blokes might have been in the know....

it wouldn't surprise me if there were bass up there at all...

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