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Yellow Fin

reel invader

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went out yesturday north or browns started cubing around 10am within 10mins 24kg goes off with a 40min fight from a strong fin landed a 35kg then decided to go lighter because had fin around the boat but were very finicaky so put out 30w within mins it goes off after about 30mins fighting dropped him then seconds later 24kg goes off after about 10mins landed him he weighed 18kg then some bastard trolled about 30metres away from the boat little %%%%% which scared the fish away so tried trolling further east and got a albocore on the troll little baby 5kg started cubing around 4pm and got tripple hook ups landed 2 of 3 one weighed 35kgs and the other at 31kgs had a great day sorry no pics only had video camera on the boat got some great footage and for once it was worth burning $$$$ on fuel been a late start for us but we finally got them!

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