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Quick Jewie Session Newport Beach


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hi guys,

made a last minute decision today to have a jewie fish tonight after work as the tide was good... well i went up to palmy wharf to stock up with livies and the yakkas were playing hard to get..took 45 min before they were ready too feed but got 3 nice ones anyway... tide was nearing high and there was hopefully some hungry jew waiting for me .... had a flick for squid but was very quiet there tonight..... got to newport beach around 8.30 and found a nice hole with a little gutter feeding it :biggrin2: .... sent my first dinner guest out to greet mr jew with some nice jewelry attatched... after about 15 min i feel him getting twitchy and feel that adrenalin getting ready to pump........ zzz.....zzzz...... im not liking this i say to myself and after a short few seconds set the hook... i pull in the sack of spuds ... oh i mean port jackson and :1yikes: hes a huge one...well as im trying to get close to him to grab his tail my 50lb braid snaps... :1badmood: ... this was a huge one around 15kg but why did braid snap.mmmmm.. maybe got a nick in it i didnt see..... anyway he self released with the rolling waves and swam off to terrorise someone else at a later date...after rigging back up.... :ranting2: pj's..took me 15mins.... anyway got dinner guest #2 in the strike zone and the swell by now is really abating...what a beautiful night.. nice gutter and hole no rip swell very nice and full moon :biggrin2: ...very peacefull and relaxing... well after about 45min my livey starts to get nervous and here i am hoping its not another sack of spuds.... well you guessed it another pj... this one was landed and weighed 15kg..weighed it as i was curious as braid snapped on earlier one and it wasnt much bigger than this one.. he had these leach like things in his mouth also... anyway after a drenching up to my ase he finally swum away...hopefully far away :1prop: .... my last livey was a real big yakka but for some reason he commited hari kari so went out as a dead bait..... left him out till about 11.30 then called it quits... all up was a real nice night and met a nice local and swapped fish stories.....


sorry about pic as was from phone.... steve....

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Hi Roosterman

Those Port Jacksons could have easily been big jew. You had everything right with the gear, the bait and the location.......They may well have have come around at one stage or other. It's just the luck of the draw at the time more than elusiveness..........Persistency, consistency and "variations on a theme" establishes the time of tide in individual places like that........It varies according to conditions as to whether they came in or remain out of range.........There are a lot of midnight to dawn high tides in between and unfortunately the time and conditions suits them to be there when it doesn't suit us.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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hi jewgaffer,

the night was awsome condition wise but unfortunately the jew were not there.. i was hoping to get there earlier but work and gathering livies meant i got there right on the top of the tide change... i have never caught pj's from there before...usually guaranteed to get bronzies,especially during summer... i have not fished there for about 18months as i usually boat fish thesedays...was great to get back on the sand and i was happy to wet a line on such a beautiful night..... i will hit my fav local for blackfish tomorrow and may keep one for bait :biggrin2: ..... cheers...steve....

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Hey mate,

I have been fishing Narrabeen a few times lately and had the same experience. Perfect conditions with no decent fish. It's been a long time between jewie runs. I have caught PJ's, banjos, shovel noses with a smattering of salmon and tailor. have used livies, slabs of freshly caught tailor and fresh squid so bait isn't the problem.

With you on the beauty of the experience though! Had some cracking nights lately.


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