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Kayak, Poppers=bass!


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As planned I headed into the upper Rous River early this morning in the kayak for a bit of Bass on poppers action. :biggrin2:

It only took 3 casts to confirm my suspicions that they would be on the chew with a classic surface strike resulting in a healthy 38cm fish. :thumbup:

The action continued for most of the morning. I ended up with 9 Bass with the 2 smallest being 32cm's & the best 3 going 40 - 41cms. All the fish were typical post spawn fish. Long & lean with not alot of weight on them & very aggressive. I also got another fish with it's top fins missing. Hard life for a fish up here!

All in all a beautiful morning with heaps of wildlife & perfect conditions. Had 11 hits over all & was very happy with the hookup rate.

Next time I'm going to head further back into the valley to see if I can crack a 50cm fish.



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Great fishing Grant with 3 going better than 40cm :thumbup:

Good luck in the 50cm quest, ah what a buzz that would be in a kayak.

I see the black bubble pop is getting a work out good stuff.

The Bass are still firing down south but the size seems to be down from last week?

Were do the big girls go?

Go the Bass


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Hi Grant. I don't know much about that area, your prospects of catching larger bass in that river look pretty good in your post. How far up the Rous river can you get access to. Have you had a chance to have a look. I wonder if there are any accessible spots where adjourning streams can't flow back into it from time to time?


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Thanks for the replies all. It was such a fun session. I just love the shock you get when you get a surface strike. You're half expecting it but it still makes you jump when it happens. :thumbup:

Now to answer some questions.

Luderick59; Yes mate all on a "Bubble Pop 45" in black. It was working so well I just didn't bother changing. That has quickly become my No1 bass popper. I love the skirting on the rear trebles on all the 45's.

Donna; Sorry for posting up that crap. :074: You'd better get one bigger than 52. I'm going to! :biggrin2:

Bream Mad: The bigger fish will be heading further up into the fresh for summer after their spawning run.

Jewgaffer: I can access the upper Rous all the way to Crystal Creek. About 20kms. This morning I was fishing very close to town. Just the start of the fresh. There are alot of pools there that I reckon haven't been fished before. Same as the Oxley & upper Tweed. I really am spoilt for choices on Bass here. I won't get to fish all the rivers & creeks here in my life time. There are simply that many choices.

The Tweed Valley is such a special part of the world. Beautiful weather, great scenery & so much wildlife. This morning again I saw so many turtles, water dragons, bird life & no people. All only 10 mins from my place. Just incredible. :yahoo:



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