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Hey guys,

I keep following the wind and swell conditions on seabreeze, though i am never sure whether a 15 knot breeze is too strong to allow for a comfortable fish off a boat. Can someone tell me what they consider to be the maximum breeze strength (and for that matter swell) they would take their boat out on???. I have a 15 footer through it doesnt have a deep hull...



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It depends a bit where you are . 15 knots in , say the Georges river is a bit different to 15 knots blowing across Botany Bay especially if your out in the middle.

15 knots outside on top of a 1.5 - 2.0 mt swell , that would be rather uncomfortable.


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well im heading out past the heads at the hacking around merries reef and it looks like its going to be 1m swell with breeze of 17knot westerly (max) during the day... is that rough or should i just check it out tomorrow???

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