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Hi Fishraiders!


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Hello fellow Fishraiders,

My mate me about this forum & was informed that is a very resourceful & topical site.

I am from Sydney & have just moved to the Central Coast and am loving every second of it. Why I am I here you ask.. well, I LOVE fishing! It's my favourite past time & I must say I don't mind to thrown one on the bbq either, every now & then depending on the catch. I don't know if I will be able to contribute that much but I may be able to throw some fishing stories out there & show off some pictures of my 'catch of the day'. :1fishing1:

I look forward to chatting with you all & getting to know you a little better over the next couple of years & look forward to learning a little too!

Speak soon all!

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I joined in February this year and haven't looked back. It is a great site but be careful... you will becomed ADDICTED :1prop:


If my memory serves me right ceph, it was actually march you joined..... was it the fifth? :074:

:1welcomeani: fishfillet, feel free to take the mickey outa everybody as well, and that includes yourself!




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Fishfillet :1welcomeani:

Informative and friendly it is :thumbup:

Just watch out for that Stumpy and if Flightmanager

starts telling you about Etec's just smile and wave :harhar:

BTW The Raider Socials are the best :gathering:

WOW Bobfish you must be psychic :074:

As Bobfish says nothing better than some friendly banter


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