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Botany Bay 29/9/07


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Hi guys

Luke invited me 2 fish with him today and i jumped at the offer.

First stop after getting bait and sum hot servo food to warm us up was port botany ramp...we launched and from there we went to mol point to grab a few livies....luke caught first fish... a throw back flatty....1-nil he says that is untill i land a legal flatty of about 48cm :1prop: we also lost the sand anchor :thumbdown:

Fished around mol for a little while then moved into yarra bay fished the shallows for zilch then fished along the wall with live yakkas...didnt catch anything either.

From there we moved out to the marker near bare island which is where we downrigged squid for abit then downrigged squid along the markers at mol point....again for nothing.

From there the decision was made to try along brighton for flattys.

I was burlying up whilst luke set the sea anchor my first cast with a sp resulted in a 38cm flatty :thumbup: then from there i hooked 2 small flattys under legal which jumped off boatside.

From brighton we started trolling a diver and a skirt towards the heads with the plan to go outside and see whats happening....got to molinoux point when i noticed a BIG mass of birds diving and working the surface....alright lines in lets go...started throwing a small raider20grm around to try and pick up what ever was under the surface.....but it was hard when the shoal of fish was constantly moving and you had silly boaties driving through the shoal :ranting2:

Well finally located a stable shoal close to the boat i through my raider metal in and ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ im hooked up to my frist screaming steriod pumping aussie salmon on 8lb mainline, 12lb trace took several frustrating minuites before lukes skillfull netiing skills had the fish in the boat.....went 59cm :thumbup:

A few casts later luke hooks up but looses fish when it jumps.

Wind was really bad at start of day and water ws choppy,,, but got better as day went on.

Water temp inside near mol point was 17 degrees

Water temp along brighton and offshore botany was 18degrees.

Thanks again luke..had a great time.

cheers james

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Luke It sounds like you and James enjoyed yourselves with the salmon.... you did alright on the flathead for what's been coming out of there lately.....They tell me there's a few undersized ones around and they're hardly getting any good size flathead at all.

We need a heat wave to liven the place up and when the heatwaves come so will the kingfish and I reckon Botany Bay will be pretty good overall this year.

Good to see you diversifying and getting around a bit like that..That's always the way to go... Shame about losing your sand anchor... it's just another monetory penalty you get for a bit of fishing I suppose.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Well done you guys you sound like motivated fisho's. Using all those different techinques in one sessions always increases your chance of success. How frustrating is it when other boats drive through the middle of a school!!! drives me crazy.

Regards, Hutcho.

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