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Windy Weather Lizard


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G'day all

Like a lot of the state, we had some wild and woolly weather on the weekend. There has been some big run-in tides into the lake making the water crystal clear and icy cold, so Dene and I headed up the river in search of better color and temperature. Almost impossible to drift with the plastics but perservered regardless. Fished for 6 hours and could only produce 3 under-sized fish ... and this girl


73cm of prime Flatty. She was thick and heavy and in great condition. Released after a happy snap. The following day I ventured further up the river and targetted some fallen timber with plastics to see if the bream had started to return yet.


Sorry about the quality of the photo. Measured 42cm and was taken on an un-weighted Squidgy Bug in Casper. All in all, not a bad couple of days considering the attrocious weather conditions.


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On Ya Hodgey, what a good looking flattie and a beaut bream, we have been getting some good flatties up the Central coast as well. Top marks to you for releasing the big girl...Cheers Ray R..

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