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Do Overheads Cast Further Than Eggbeaters


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Is the old story of overheads casting further than eggbeaters still true or are the flash new reels at a similar level in the casting stakes?

Also what are any other advantages of an overhead?


alot of verables there

for light weight stuff like light jighead and soft plastics or small bream and bass lures then a spin reel wins hands down however when dealing with heavyer things like bigger lures or even a surf rig then the good old overheads still cast a mile

easyest way to see this is to look at the castings comps and the distance those fellas can get from a overhead with a lump of lead

it will also depends on the user

i myself can always cast ferther with a spin reels than i can with any overhead

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I have been using overheads for a loong time. I can cast them at least as far as the eggbeaters I have. With heavier lures or baits the baitcasters cast much much further. Just takes a lot of practice with the lighter stuff.

To give you an example I used to cast 7 gram hard body lures for redfin with my bait caster just as far as my fishing mates using the same lures with their eggbeaters. Took a lot of practice to get there - but it can be done.

The obvious advantage of any overhead is the lack of line twist and in most cases a better drag system. Downside (other than learning how to cast them properly) is that I need quite a lot of space to use my overhead - probably because I have a flyfishing background and like waving the rod around to cast.


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I can cast 7 gram lures, though I have been been using baitcasters for well over 20 years.

If you are learning to cast baitcasters I think that 30-50 grams would be about right.

You need to make sure that the baitcaster is set up correctly for the weight. To do this there is a knurled knob on the side of the baitcaster. It needs to be done up and then loosened just enough for the sinker to move when the rod is wiggled up and down. You dont want the sinker just to fall to the ground.

Try not to cast too far either. Try for a 5-6 meters and get a feel for the baitcaser. A gentle lob is a good way to do this.

If your baistacser has a cast control (different to the knurled knob) start with it up near the maximum and when you can cast the baitcaser quite well loosen it up a bit to get more distance.

Takes a bit of practice to able to use the baitcaser and a lot of practice to be really good with them.


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With a high quality baitcaster outfit it is possible to throw down to just a couple of grams. Once you are quite good at it you will be able to throw small lures like sx-40's although it is much easier to cast these light weights on light spinning outfits.

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Guest fish33

I fish rocks and beach with overheads and when need be can hit 100m + with 4 ounces & a pillie. With beach rods and heavier weights I find overheads are easier to hit bigger distances. Up the park I can get around the 200m mark with a 4 ounce lead and I dont have the technique 100% right. The world record cast is 286m. Gary

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Hi Davemmm,

I grew up in the early day's of spinning off the rocks and back then it was seascapes versus mitchell 499's.

And the seascape guy's alway's won out in the distance stakes!

When spinning off the stones even now, I use an old shimano speedmaster 6-1 overhead and casting a 3oz arrow I can easily hit 100 metres.

Don't know of any threadlines that will throw that far?

Regard's Rod.

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The friction of the line coming off the lip of the spool works against threadlines (and to a lesser extent alveys) for long distance casting. In contrast to spool of an overhead reel has momentum and literally spews out line.

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