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Upper Lane Cover River


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Hey all,

I'm thinking of tossing a few Berkley minnows tomorrow afternoon in the Lane Cove River in the stretch between Figtree Bridge and the Epping Rd Bridge. Does anyone know if the flathead and bream are on the bite up that way? Got a couple of land based spots up that way that were producing last summer but I haven't given it a go so far this year.

Any info would be appreciated.



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Gday Bulldog, I have fished the upper reaches past the epping rod bridge from my kayak a few times recently, nothing too great to report but I have always bagged a few flatties, I have seen bream in the snags, some good ones too, but they were still quite skittish, I bumped into another yak fisho 1/2 way batween the epping bridge and the weir and he said that he got smoked by a jew, I believed him and he seemed sincere enough and their have been scattered reports of jew around the epping bridge, some of the water is really deep their, hope this helps cheers Justin.

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