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Sneaky Blackfish Session.


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Finished work about 2.45, gotta love working for yourself, headed down to my spot x for a blackfish session, didnt have any weed, but I knew that their would be some where I went, how ever all the weed was sunbleached and jelly like, grabbed the best bits I could find and made some berley all be it not much and kept the nicest bits for the hook, berleyed up and cast out started watching my float 20mins goes past, wind in and recast, was not ecpecting much as the weed was really crap, placed the rod in crevice and picked up the bream rod with a new sfactor lobby and proceded to cast about for about 5mins then looked over for my float and it wasnt their, put bream rod down and loaded up the blacky rod, fish on good specimen of about 30cm or so, this went on for another hour or so and I landed four more and one was a beast of about 40cm, he bricked me twice, was a few nervous moments but I landed him, took a few photos on the phone, fished on for a while then headed, cheers Justin, all fish caught were released back into the parra river. :1fishing1:

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