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Botany Bay Today


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Hi all

Myself and my 2 eldest and my brother in law left Cooks ramp at 4.45am and headed into a very choppy Bay. :1badmood: Time for plan B.

Sh*t what is plan B :mad3: Head to Oatley Bay ramp.

Launch again at 6.15am and headed off to the Bay. If it is still to windy we can stay inside Tom ugly's and fish the marina's.

What a plan B :1prop:

Start a drift from the East side of Captain Cook and with a Southerly we head in a nice direction along the shallows. 2 :1fishing1: Pillie strips and 2 :1fishing1: SP's.

After 30 mins we get toward the deeper areas and lucky for me I made a decision to head back toward the shore area just in front of St George Sailing club.

Still throwing around a 4" Berkley Power Minnow I come up tight on this beautiful girl.


:yahoo: 70cm and a healthy 2.25kgs.

The best part is she is still out there for someone else to enjoy. I got as much enjoyment out of the release as I did the capture. What a great fish she was. We then moved to the sticks as the wind dropped away to almost zero. A few Trev's and it was time to head off. Agreat day on the Bay.

The Lure that made the catch


A few Trevs for dinner.


A very rewarding day with a special memory and a PB.


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Thanks fella's

It was a real blast catching such a fine fish and the decision to let her go was easy. I did for a second think about those 2 big fillets on her side but she deserved better than that.

I thought it was a bloody PJ when I first got colour. She was in about 2.2 mtr's of water.

Jewgaffer..the lure discription on the Berkely pack say's, WALLEYE 4" Power Minnow in Glow Scales I was using a 3/8 TT jig head, heavy I know, but I wanted as much commotion on the sandy bottom that I could get.


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.My favourite way of catching the flattie is the good old handline whilst drifting. I still enjoy it as much as the first time I caught a biggie when fishing with the old man many moons ago.

Cheers BART :1fishing1:

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