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Port Hacking


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went yesterday avo with my uncle to the port hacking and to target jews. didn't have any live bait but we bought fresh squid. on the water at bout 5. At about the turn of the tide which was roughly 630ish line goes for a long zzzzzz then stops. uncle goes to strike and nothing. bring the line up and it was untouched.... evidence of a jew. 5min later same thing line goes for a long run then bait spat out. within 10min again same thing. about 8:00 lines goes for a run and strike!! brought up a small jew about 2-3kgs over 65cm. after that went quite and headed home at 9:30.

i guess a lesson learnt is the importance of live bait for having a better chance with the three misses we had.

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One is not a bad effort :thumbup: Where abouts do you fish for jews in the hacking?Land based or boat (drifting or anchored)?

just out side of yowie bay. we were anchored on the boat.

nah sorry guys no pics.... didn't have the camera with me

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Try using two hooks on your trace by snelling a hook a bit further up the trace and the place a hook in the head of the squid as well as the tail.

For Yellow tail or Tailor place a hook above dorsal fin and one in about 2inches short of the tail (If Anchored and the current is not roaring)

I find that this works alot better when they are not totally committed to the bait.

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