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Downrigger Installation And Setup


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hi guys,

i am about to put 2 x scotty 1050 downriggers onto my 14ft pongrass and would like to get some input as i know theres some gun kingie downriggers amongst us raiders....

#1... i think fitting as far back to transom as poss and boom pointing over side (not out back over transome)

#2 .... what size bomb.... i plan to only hit inside markers/reefs and maybe headlands and close offshore reefs on a calm day

#3... is standard release clips ok or do i need hairtrigger...and how do you guys rig up(have heard of using elastic band) and prb at least one spare in case lost to reefing/hangups...

#3... will definiyely use stainless rod holders and remove those plastic ones from boom...

#4... will prob use standard mounts.... is those swivel ones worth the $ and do i really need to swivel dr......

#5... gimbal mount is option...again is it worth the extra $ for easy removal when standard one slides out anyway.....

#6.... is it worth removing ss cable and replacing with braid... pro's and cons please guys......(i know theres debate on ss cable humming)

#7....i plan to troll at 1 - 2 knts with baits about 5mtrs back from bombs and stagger depths of the 2 at either midwater or at bait ball depths...

#8...what drag settings to use??? i think with kingies smashing a moving bait prob fighting drag or maybe a little lighter... not too sure thought...

#9... is standard type hooks ok... i use 6/0 and 8/0 owners and black magics at the moment....

#10... i usually snell 2 hook rig and have one in hood point and one at bottom of hood near head... is this ok or do you rig different for trolling... bait presentation i think always is the key and prob more so with trolling as bait may spin etc... so very open to styles you guys use.....

anyway guys any thoughts a ideas are very much apreciated as i wat to really target those kings now i haver had a taste of it in feb 07..... i usually like to do things as best as can be done so dont want to leave anything

short on my setup/techniques that will leave me spewin later on.... no half measures here guys....


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No one has answered yet, so I am writing for someone to respond as I am just putting one in my boat. Its a home made jobbie based on an alvey and goes in the forward rod holder. Uses 80lb braid and so far this has been great. Some of the tips could help me refine,



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7lb bomb should be good if you are in fast current then 10lb

Standard clip works fine

Drag set to strike because when you see the hook up and stop etc it might be all over.maybe a little lighter

your hooks are fine i try and use straight hooks rather then off set hooks as the bait can spin

mounting is personal

sound s like you have it already to go

hope it,s tight lines

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mate firslty theres MANY MANY topics with VERY helpfull hints and tips EXactly on the topic u posted about

this.... use the search option and im sure ull find PLENTY !!

firstly with the DR bomb weight id say an 7lb bomb is ample for what u need to do, inside the bays markers ect ect 7lb is plenty,

u may need to go up to a 10lb bomb if u do more offshore reefs ect but mostly ull get away with 7lb for inside..

mate in regards to the release clips, i spent a whole summer downrigging and learning all there is with forum member NETIC and we all ways used the release clip on the heavier setting and NEVER had 1 prob "touch wood" some pros swear by rubber bands to get extra rod bend ect but like i said its NOT A BIG ISSUE at all.. u will be just fine using the clip,

with the SS rod holders YES YES YES its a must,

last summer we got smashed twice and the kings hit the bait THAT HARD the plastic rod holders were smashed into pieces SOUNDING like a gun shot, lucky because we almost lost a stella 20000 overboard on the 2nd time. so stainless steel holders all the way.

as for the mounts, id highly recommend SWIVEL mounts, nothing beats them and for the extra few bucks it really makes life a whole lot more easier out there, i know guys that use the gimble and are VERY happy with them but i really like the swivels there TOPS :thumbup:

as for the SS wire VS the braid theory well PPPPPFT i wouldnt even look into that one bit mate, the humming from the wire which doesnt happen all that much , is believed to act as a attractant for the kings, kingies are VERY curious and will come up to look at anything out of the usual be it sound or an object which ever,

i really dont see the point in changing the wire to braid, last thing u want if u clip a bit of reef or sumthing sharp in the water and PING u loose the weight and clips ect ect it could prove to be very expensive..

mate as for which depths to set the bait this is plain and simple a learning curve and u will soon get your own ways, likes and dislikes,

remember watch the sounder that is your eyes and ears out there with out it ur stuffed, do a pass over the intended downrigging area first off and read the bottom structure and study the depths, drop offs rises ect ect

it will all come 2 u in time, it might take u 5 maybe 10 trips to master but once u get the hang of it then theres simply nothing more exciting then anticipating that STRIKE from a BIG HUNGRY KINGFISH,,

all the best with it good luck and looking 4ward to reading your first downrigging experience

cheers steve :thumbup:

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thanks for the replies guys,

hi big_steve, i am very much a person that researches things,(checked all posts that were relevant...loved netics kingy vids in bb)as for my post/questions..ive sorta got most things right i think but would love to be reassured on what i am planning to do..i want to do it the right way with no regrets if you know what i mean.. this is all new territory and hopefully i will either buddy up with another experienced raider boat or deckie that has done this before..... i remembered those posts on the plastic rod holders and was real careful of making sure my lanyard clips were on my rods as mine are sh#tty plastic ones also..not after this weekend though as ss ones will be fitted as soon as i decide where :biggrin2: .. i was thinking big advantage of swivel mounts is if docking boat i can just swivel around instead of unlocking and removing but other than this is there any other reason for swivelling dr... i dont think you use them hanging over transom do you ???

as for braid vs ss wire i was only thinking of dangers if not carefull and wire wraps around prop,would not be good.. has anyone heard of this happening...with braid i think would be not as much damage.... definite downside is what you said.a nick in braid and there goes nearly 50 bucks down the gurgler....

anyway thanks again mate... cheers...steve.....

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Hi Roosterman....Steve has pretty much covered everything......

Wire Vs Braid.......as Steve said...dont matter for squat.........we caught heaps last season using wire......The chances of getting the wire around the prop would have to be extremely remote, we do nearly full u-turns when downrigging and because our riggers are pointing outwards they dont go no where near the prop......if they were over the trnsom the prop would be a concern.

having your riggers pointing outwards is a much better option if your running 2 riggers becuase it allows the baits to stay further apart. Thats the biggest mistake made by people when installing a rigger...facing it over the transom...big no no....restricts your ability to do a sharp turn due to prop proximity and you will get tangles if running 2 riggers.

Swivels are great becuase as you said it allows you to swivel the rigger in when appraoching another boat/Wharf/Jetty.

It also gets the rigger sitting higher which over a season can help your back....

Then also make sure the rod holders are mounting in the correct place also....if you out a picture up of your boat im happy to show you where to install the rod holders and riggers but you should be able to see my set up from the vids you mentioned....

Any other questions just msg me or Big Steve.....

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Hi Steve I prefer my cannon downriggers mounted into the rod holders off the gunnels near the stern so that the boom is at 45 degrees. You can get a length of stainless steel tube offcut or buy a short length and have it madeas a male with several gimble slots made up in the form of a star to use as a swivel and a plate welded on to be horizontal and to suit the holes of the factory base plate. That makes your downriggers easy as portables, saves drilling holes in the boat and you can also have a hole for springers ( they'll swivel too !) thru the centre of the plate and just remove the rod hoder insert to undo the lock nut and push the springers down flush. Howzzat Steve.

I favor my own heavy elastic band method that you can use over and over again and ends the pain of mucking around with little breakable elastic bands and the problems associated with release clips and importantant this method gives an instant hook up. I tie a good slip knot that will take good pressure for a rebound shanghai affect on the fish and then the knot just slips and, as you can imagine drives the hooks in deeper and more solid after the initial hook set.

Steve I really hope this helps when your getting the Pongrass smick! There are two musts to have in the end, and that is a good sounder and downrigger/s.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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hi netic,

thanks for the input... i was pretty sure that ss would be ok and just making sure i did best job i can in setup... if common sense is used in boating then nearly all accidents would be avoided... doing tight turns dr is ok as long as watching where line/wire is compared to prop but am happy to here you had no probs there :biggrin2: ...

i will prob get the swivels as i have a dodgy back so yes the extra height is a definite benefit and able to swing inboard if needed is another great benefit......

as for rod placement i think close enough to dr without interfering with winding the bloody thing up if needed..holder pointing towards rear and another set near seating pos facing outwards. i placed dr and ss holder in the pos i thinks ok...what do ya think...


hi jewgaffer, using those springer methods eh..... either shows your age or used to be a pro in days gone by..... i have not seen those methods used for quite a while and the ol man & his mates used to use this on the jews and kings in the 60's & 70's but fishing was alot different then eh..... last time i saw that method was up coffs with some pros and when the fish are on they were just walking around the boat either rebaiting or throwing another fish into kill tank....... very effective method indeed... not very sporting though....... i thought about home made gimbal mounts etc but time and effort to the good $ i can get them atm means ill prob just buy them.... not quiet as satisfying but end results still same :biggrin2: .....

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Steve You can get sporty rod bending fun out of springers, no worries...... I make two half hitches around the top of the springer where the line goes down the split in the top of the springer with the rod in gear in the rod holder next to it. ........As the springer bends over, the bite alarm starts bipping, while the spring effect is pulling back at the fighting fish, I slide the half hitches off with thumb and finger with slack between the springer and the rod........The fish takes off and comes to a sudden stop or takes drag and then the playing takes over.

I've tried a few release clips and still have a couple of the Cannon ones......The elastic band method is the best by miles.... I use a wider heavy duty thick one or one cut out of rubber bike etc tube with a very tight spring action for recoil and hook up....... One of my methods is to tie a slip knot in the straw out a Poppa fruit juice packet and take a supply of Poppas for everyone on the boat.

You tie one part of the Poppa straw to the rubber band so you will be a good little boy and not polute the waterways with a Poppa straw.

Regards mate. Your plans to finish up with a pocket battleship look spot on to me in your pm and we'll have a go at middle harbour when you've got a supply of Poppas with the Pongrass set up like an aircraft carrier retuning from the gulf. :1yikes:

jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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as usual mate you give me a smile when i read your posts and always mixed with good food for thought..

sure will look like a mini battleship when im finished. :biggrin2: ... my roosterboat is hopefully gonna be a good kingy/jew weapon when done.... and going into battle with some bigguns :biggrin2:

.... cant wait to test it all out in a week or 2 :yahoo: ..... cheers....steve...

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