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Gulp Alive


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Ok, I've seen some threads about the Gulp Alive range it has now been out a couple of months I wanted to hear from people who have used the Gulp range and then the Gulp Alive.

Have you noticed a difference?

Would you recommend the Alive series?

Is it worth the money(in your opinion)?

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I bought a tub of them. 8cm minnows ( smelt )

I use them mainly to catch Tailor for bait.

The tub leaks if you don't put the lid on perfectly. So I decanted them into another container. I now use the berkely tub to store other hardbody lures and spoons.

The thing I like the most is the ability to revive the old ones. I also chuck other lures and spoons in the liquid as well.

The finish on some of them does not seem to be as good as the packet ones ie there are some deformed ones amongst them.

As to catching more or not. I would say about the same as the normal ones.

my 5c worth



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I am with Inhlanzi.. not much difference in performance and I actually prefer Squidgies. We have the pumpkinseed and chartreuse minnows in the Gulp Alives and they do work well but not any better than the packet versions. I must say that the tub is more convenient in the boat but shore based, I prefer the packets as they fit in your pocket or back pack easily and do not leak.

The Gulp container is very leaky. I have no juice left in one of them due to it sitting in the boat on its side for a week. Boat smells good though!! :thumbup:

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just wondering how you opened the bucket seal

did you just cut the centre out inside the the bucket rim

or did you try and peel the sealing cover from the edge

of the bucket

I was thinking the sealing problem could be an uneven

surface around the bucket lip


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must say i am with the rest of the boy's the tub leaks like no other, and i don't think they catch too many more the the normal packet gulp. for example on wednesday we caught 30+ flatties in a 6 hour session we were only using gulp alive and packet gulp and at the end of the day i the gulp alive had one more fish but i think that was because i used that patten most of the day as it was catching fish although i did chop and change colour's and type's of softies while searching between bites

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hey all, having fished nothing but berkley plastics all year i was keen to give the gulp alive a go, on my first 3 cast i got fish having never had that happen on the packet plastics i thought this might be the go and it seemed even the smaller fish were fighting harder, i was watching the fish as they were coming up and they seemed to be still trying to hit the bait even though they were hooked and apon reading the container i found out that the liquid acts as a blood trail in the water so im picking thats whats sending them nuts.

As far as leaky containers go i found that if you half peel back the foil seal it minimises the amount of leaks and just leave them somewhere flat leakage should not be a problem eg: the boat floor, and because of all the liquid in the bottom even in a fair bit of chop they dont flip over.

Apart from all the unnecessary precautions you have to take because they stuffed up the packaging i highly recomend gulp alive.

cheers brett

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