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Hi Phil

I have 2 kayaks - one sit in (Perception Minnow) & one sit on (HobieSport).

You stay dryer in a sit in & get a little wet in a sit on (less wet when on a Hobie.)

I use my sit in for fishing Wallis Lake & getting into the leases here on high tide. It is a great little boat & easily handled by one person. The larger the boat, the heavier it gets. See my setup


If you want to troll & flick lures, I would lean towards the Hobie - with the pedal system, it makes it so easy to flick lures & change direction easily when trolling. You also have both hands free for instant attention to your rod when you get a strike. A depth finder is almost essential (Eagle Cuda 168 about $150 is a good allround one.)

If going for a Hobie, you may want to go for the bigger Hobie - Outback or Revolution - best advise would be to go out & try as many as you can (in the water for at least 2hrs with each) and make your decision that way.

Basic sit ons/ins start from $6-900 + you have to pay for the seat, paddle & other extras. The Hobie (new) is closer to $2000 but usually comes with seat, paddle, wheels etc. However, I got mine 2nd hand with the sounder & all the addons for $1500. Fantastic craft & the stealth factor has to be seen to be believed. You can paddle or pedal it (the Hobie)

Here is my Hobie in all it's splendour!




PM me if you like with specific questions

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