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Rapala Vs. Shimano


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I'm starting up this thread as I'm now on the lookout for a Kingfish/Tuna rod for Summer.

My question is, which rod would best fit my needs, and which rod comes out on top?

Rapala Braid Concept or Shimano Bluewater Tcurve.

Both are very similarly priced so I'm not worried which is cheaper.

I'll be fishing both landbased and off the boat using 15lb and 20lb braid. I have no problem with long rods on the boat, so I think 7' would be the ideal length for me.

I'm looking at either a 6 - 10kg or 8 - 12kg rod (keeping in mind I'm not totally sure of the rod ratings the Rapala rods come in, so please advise me if they are inaccurate).

Thanks in advance


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Agree with Netic, the Rapalas are absolutely awesome rods. I use a 15-24kg overhead jig Stick on a small Avet MX and for the price it is superb, Fuji Sics, great aesthetics, love the split rear grip, and the foregrip feels great in the hands (its in the mould of a tyre tread). Plenty of grunt in the rod too and I cannot fault it...you wont go wrong with the rapala. In saying that have a look at the new Shimano King Mack rod, great action, you will pay a little more than the rapala, but it is very nice too. Value for money goes to the Braid Concept though. King Mack is 8-12kg, and 7' which seem to fit your specs perfectly! I am pretty sure you will find a rapala with similar specs too as there are 17 in the Braid Concept Range. I own both the rods mentioned above, and you wont go wrong with either, but you may as well save some money and pick up a rapala.


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