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hey all, i was just wondering how many raiders have aquariums and what species of fish you keep? and what experiances you have had with other species of fish?, myself i only have a few marron and small native guppies in my fish tank currently.

aquariums rule i reckon, im slowly taking the house over with fish tanks. i have a 4ft in the living room with assorted cichlids (2 johanni, a couple of lombardi, breeding pair of convicts, a rusty, an electric yellow, a few auratus and a bass believe it or not).

then i have two oscars in the spare room in a 2fter just waiting to take them to the pet shop as a trade in and i have a mini tank with an adolescent aceii on the kitchen bench.

i plan to go from 4ft to at least a 6ft tank soon in the living room.

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i got a 3ft in my bedroom! at the moment i hav 2 archer fish and 30cm long finned eel! I really like natives and in the past have had bass, barra, murray cod, spangled perch, silver perch.

The eels getting too big now so am looking to give it away if anyones interested... i would prefer for him to go to a bigger tank, that isnt to crowded. as said above, it is roughly 30cm long and about as thick as two pens strapped together. Thus far he has been fine with other fish and has not attcked any. He is really playful and plays with the filter where it blows the water out. lives under the gravel or in caves. PM me if anyone wants it, located near Manly.

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