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How To Jig For Kings?


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How to jig for kings?

I’ve read some great reports about jigging for kings and have a few questions because I’ve never tried it or even seen anyone do it. I’m trying to piece together all the different bits and pieces that I’ve read on Fishraider.

I’m sure some of you more knowledgeable Raiders can help.

1. Where to find them?

I take it that you first have to find the kings on the sounder. I assume you look on a ‘reefy’ area or near a drop off? Once you've found them, do you burley to keep them around?

2. Gear?

What type of jigs do you recommend? Are there many different types? Do the jigs come with hooks attached or do you have to buy separate hooks? Do the jigs have more than one hook?

Is 15kg line strong enough, and does it have to be braid? What size leader would you recommend?


Do you drop the jig down then just retrieve as quickly as possible? Or do you wind steadily, occasionally jerking the line?

Any information from you Raider "Kingfish Kings" would be greatly appreciated.




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Mate here is some info i know that may help...

1. Where to find them???

You normally find them at ofshore reefs like 12 Miles or The peak, these areas are in excess of 80 metres deep and the kings ordinarly will sit deep in the coloumn so burley will be a waste of time......out at these reefs the current is usually very strong so its is best to find the kings on the sounder and then move up current from them so you may drift over them.

2. Gear?

First off you need very strong tackle.....a jigging rod....a very strong reel.....jigging puts alot of strain on your gear and i have seen a stradic 8000 drag torn to bits after 6 hours of jigging and not catching any fish. There are reels like a spheros that are good and cheap reels for this purpose.

The line used must be braid as you dont want any strecth in your line....any strechth will result in a poor to zero action 100 metres down.

Jigs to use would be 200 to 300 gram metal/knife jigs.......they are very common in tackle stores, prices range from $10 to $30 and some come with hooks and others dont...Jigs have one hook attached to a bit of rope that is then attached to the jig through a split ring.

3. Technique?

This will vary from angler to angler, some like a fast action others prefer a slow action, once you get your techniqie right it wont be tiring, i prefer small jigs with one rotaion turns on the handle....

With technique its hard to expalin so i recommend you either jump on a jigging charter and see how the pros do it or grab a DVD that has some jigging in it like the ifish series one DVD.

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Do yourself a favour and go and see Tony from fishfinder one afternoon and what you will learn about jigging will amaze you. He will also sort you out with all the jigs you need.

Thanks Keepin_TABS. Will do.

I knew that actually seeing and talking to someone like Tony from fishfinder would be the best thing to do, but don't have much spare time over the next few weeks. I guess I just wanted a better picture in my mind about what was involved. Thanks again for replying.

Many thanks for that info Netic. From what you've said, I don't think my gear is strong enough at the moment, but you've answered some of my questions. I have a better understanding now.

Great help. Much appreciated. :thumbup:



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