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Port Hacking Jew 125cm


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Hi all,

Firstly I just want to make sure that it is clear, I did not catch this fish, it was caught by a bloke I was fishing with. I forgot to ask if he's on Fishraider so I've waited a week before posting anything about it. Since there has been no report, I thought I might share the details with you guys on his behalf.

On the way home from work last Friday night, I decided to stop by at the local bait and tackle shop and grabb some Pilchards and then go for a fish. Once home, I went out to the usual spot (land based) and started fishing. The night wasn't too bad, I caught a 90 cm shovel nose shark and a 80cm blind shark (both went back in).

After fishing for about an hour, I was joined by a a few guys. We started chating and I found out that they had forgotten to bring bait ??? So I happily gave them some of my Pilies.

We all tried (successfully) to catch some yakka. Both me and one of the other guy (Andrew) rigged up some live yakkas, threw them out, set the drag and set the rods down.

Not much happened for a while....... THEN ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Andrew's reel started to screem! (such a sweet sound)

He grabbed his rod and this thing took off, it took a huge run off. We thought it may have been a stingray or shark and then we saw his rod thumping!! We knew (hoped) it couldn't be a shark or ray.

After about a 10 -15 minutes battle, Andrew landed a monster 125cm Jew!!! We couldn't believe it ! This thing was huge and fat!

After a few high fives we all took a few photos with the fish ( the one below is a pic of me holding it.) Sorry about the quality, it was taken on a camera phone.


After he caught the Jew, Andrew thanked me a few more time for giving him the Pilies, as he put it;

no pillies = no yakka = no jew.

A great night was had by all, and I was just happy to be there when a beatiful fish like this got landed.

For those interested in the finer detail, ie rig, weather etc here goes.

Friday was mostly a wam night, then all of a sudden a cool wind came through, followed by some light rain. We all continued to fish with raincoats and the rain cleared after about 20 minutes. The jewie was caught about 30 minutes after the rain cleared.

It was caught in the last couple hours of the run out tide, on a new moon and landed by about 11.45pm.

Andrew was using an 8 foot (heavy action) rod with a large shimano baitrunner, spooled with 50 pound braid and some heavy mono leader (not sure how many pounds). The rig was a sigle hook through the back of the live pilie with a running ball sinker.

Hope this information will be useful.

Again, Congratulation on a great fish Andrew (if you're out there somewhere).


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Good jewfish your jetty mate got hold of there nik and a very detailed and enjoyable report. :thumbup: Wasn't a fat bloke with ginger hair looking like popeye's rival brutus or a bloke who looks like a middle aged university student gone wrong was it?

It just goes to show when your swimming a livie landdbased big things can happen at times.

Hey Peter Now's the time for you and the old Pick-a-box Syd to have a good hit around the deepest water the 60 foot now that the schools of small sized yakkas have come in fleeing the kingfish only to have the jew lurking around.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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A great night was had by all, and I was just happy to be there when a beatiful fish like this got landed.

For those interested in the finer detail, ie rig, weather etc here goes.

i will be more interested on where you fish mate heheheh

but that is a thumper fish and i will be happy if i witness someone catching jewfish that size

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