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Saturday 17th, Pittwater


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Headed out to Pittwater on sat with a mate to chase the kings, arrived at 5am and headed to the squid grounds off west head, squid were a little hard to come by, but we picked up 3 and then headed to scotland island, trolled and drifted the squid all around the moorings on the southeast corner for no touches, not even pickers, we did see some surface action and flicked sluggos but to no avail, we then high tailed over to Barrenjoey and did a few runs back and forth for nil, no other boats were doing well either, by now our squid were looking no good so the decision was made to hit Lion Island western point where we have done well before on all sorts of species over the reef in about 9 metres of water, we dropped the pick and started burleying heavily, we had pillies, squid over the side and were also flicking 4inch gulps on 1/8ths about the place throught the burley, we caught the usual rubbish, wrasse and bakers and the snook pests, we were just starting to get despondent when my new loomis rod started bouncing a little, after a few some suttle touches, I loaded the rod up onto a good fish I called it for a king as it was pulling line off the certate 4000 with incredible ease and it was done up bloody tight, it was the best fight I have had on any rod ever, a stand of ensued of about 4 minutes with me gaining line then him pulling more off, eventually I had him subdued and he came to the surface revealing himself as a bloody big salmon, biggest ive caught going 71cm tip, sure was great fun and he was released to fight another day, all up had an awesome day although no kings this time, cheers Justin.post-4186-1195380383_thumb.jpg

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