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Sat 17th Harbour Bash


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took two kingy virgins out for a bash on saturday morning

caught around 25 - 30 squid between 1 am and 5 am by myself

and then picked them up from the ramp at 5:30 to hit the harbour

heres a couple of photos , my mate in the coopers hat

has just caught his first ever king which came in at 73 cm

and he is scared shi%less of the fish lol .... you can see his pinky at full extension hahaha!!

the fish im holding is 75 cm

beautiful day and great fun

post-3896-1195458410_thumb.jpg post-3896-1195585516_thumb.jpg


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Looks like you had a top day champion. Might have to join you next time. :thumbup:


welcome to the site Matey!

Theres always a spot for you Champ!!

well done again matey!

Top feed there mate! did you keep em?


Aww youre really getting the hang

of posting again arent ya matey!

Yeah mate kept two let one go

They took one each ,Top feed the ole kingy

there were raiders everywhere.

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