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Preparing Squid Strips?


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How many squid strips should I get from an average sized squid?

Should they be skinny like a sluggo or wider, with slits cut at the end?


vary the two methods described mate and i personally find the head to be the best. if you get enough squid use the heads and keep the cape for eating.

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The head and guts are the best parts by a long shot. :biggrin2:

To rig the head, I just put the hook through the cartlidge once and let it dangle.

The guts are connected with the other bit of the head cartlidge. I put the hook straight through once and that is it!

Strips - out of a normal hood of a Calamari, we get 4 baits. I cut fake tentacles into them to try and make it look like a squid. Seems to work pretty well. Again, just a single hook throught he topof the bait.

If the Kings are on the chew, they will take any form of the bait. :thumbup:

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It really depends on what you are after if you are chasing bream you'll get more smaller strips then say if your fishing for jewies.

What works best for me is to cut the strips into triangles. Place a single hook once at the tapered end of the of the strip once that way you've got a better hook up rate.

With squid heads in and out once.

Don't fall in to the trap of weaving your hook in and out as the current will skew your bait.

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