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1st Cast From A Kayak = Pb Bream


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Hey Raiders,

Sorry to rave on but this was one of my more memorable captures. Read on...

My girlfriend and I decided to try our hand at kayaking at Berowra Waters on Sunday. The plan was to spend about 4 hours having a leisurely paddle along the Hawkesbury. I wasn't even going to go fishing but decided to throw my old spinning outfit (15yr old Shimano sidestab reel, a cheapo 2-4kg Shimano Fishquest rod and 6lb Daiwa Sealine mono) and a handful of lures in the boot. Our hired kayaks hit the water at 10am and the incoming tide made the paddle upstream an easier affair.

With the rod resting between my legs (no rod holders unfortunately), and after I felt steady and balanced enough to fire out a cast, I stopped paddling and lobbed my black and gold laser pro hardbody about 10 metres from the yak and roughly 2 metres from the shore. What happened next will stay with me for a long time. As the lure splashed down on the surface I managed to make one turn of the reel before the lure was absolutely slammed and line began peeling from the reel with the old but trusty drag singing away. 1st cast - couldn't believe it! The drag had been set tighter then usual but this didn't stop the fish taking line at an alarming rate and coming dangerously close to the bank. I managed to turn it's head and drag it towards me and with shouts of 'Babe I'm on' got it closer and closer to my yak. The girlfriend paddled towards me to see what all the fuss was about but the fish wasn't done yet. I hadn't sighted it yet but felt some big head shakes. Was guessing a flattie but the fish was moving faster than the usual flattie fight.

At last I sighted a bright silver flash with my polarised sunnies but it took off again this time straight underneath my kayak with the drag still humming away. What a fight! The kayak started to turn in the water as the fish swam away again but I could feel it tiring. By now I was just wishing that the knots and line would hold out. Just as my girlfriend got closer the fish appeared on the surface with my lure firmly stuck in it's mouth. 'Hold please hold' I said to myself as I scooped the fish up out of the water. Now I've caught plenty of bream in my time with a few mid-30cm models to my name but never one this big. I had no idea how big it was yet but knew it was big. With big thick lips and a bronzie tinge on it's flanks this was one of those bruisers I'd read about and seen pics of. The fish was beaten but I wasn't sure of what to do with it. There was a hatch on the kayak behind me but it's diameter wasn't long enough to fit the bream through. I didn't even have a knife on me so I just threw it inside the kayak between my legs and just couldn't believe my luck on my 1st cast.

We paddled on until we reached a sand bank where I wanted to take some pics. The bream had died by then but we had a small esky with some ice packs in it so swapped the sandwiches and drinks for the fish and were able to keep it cold enough for the day. As we had planned to kayak and explore the beautiful Hawkesbury river rather than spend the day fishing (save that for next time :1fishing1: ) that was it for me. On the paddle back downstream I just trolled the lure behind me and managed to pick up a 40cm flathead which was also kept for the table. Here are the pics including the end result for my chunky 40cm PB bream which tasted delicious baked with roasted garlic and cherry tomatoes and some verdelho wine.

I'm now hooked on kayak lure fishing and can't wait to try it again!

Tight lines


post-1576-1195644493_thumb.jpg post-1576-1195644506_thumb.jpg post-1576-1195644520_thumb.jpg

post-1576-1195644570_thumb.jpg post-1576-1195644787_thumb.jpg

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G'day Marty,

That's a cracker of a bream and on your first cast, too. :thumbup: Simply sensational. Welcome to the wonderful world of kayaking. It doesn't get much better really... :1prop: I'm looking forward to seeing future catches from a yak as I'm sure you'll want to keep at it.



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Yaay! Marty! Terrific report & even better fish!! What a whopper! That one is worth a congratulions drink! :beersmile:

Fantastic result from your first kayak fishing effort - best of all, you weren't expecting it! Fighting a fish from a yak is totally different from being on the shore or in a boat. Because you are virtually at water level yourself, I really feel that somehow, it gives the fish the advantage ..... so well done on landing him! Even better, getting the flattie on the way back as well! Yak fishing is a lot of fun - can't wait to get out in mine again soon!

I can see something else being added to the Xmas Shopping List this year! :1prop:



Great photos too

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