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The Entrance 22/11


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Hi All

Ive just signed up to these forums, so yes im another newbie. Well with the fishing now! I arived at the entrance at about 4pm had one line out with whitebait and worms (2 hooks) and then started fishing for the blackies. There was plenty of weed available right along a section of shore line so fresh weed was no problem. started to fish and the downs just kept coming. in about 3 hours caught 6 blackies smallest 30cm largest 37cm and lost about another 6 or so right there in front of me as i had no net u try drag them up on the sand. By the way i forgot to mention the other rod that was sitting there with the whitebail got smashed once which the fish almost pulled in my rod holder and all. I managed to have a little fight with it as i did not see it the TWANG lost my hook. I suspect a big flattie got the beter of me and cut me off with its teeth. :05:

All in all a great arvo might head up on Sunday again if the weather permits.



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:1welcomeani::1welcomeani: to FIshraider Howbzr

Nice fishing session with the blackies! We have a few blackie addicts here, so you are amongst friends!

It has been a bit quiet here for me recently with the blackies but I anticipate that changing when I hit the oyster washboards with the yak! I just enjoy being out there in the fresh air, catching up with other fishing buddies!

Look forward to reading more reports soon!



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