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South Of Brown

aussie big bob

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Hi there raiders

It has been some time since my last post. So here is the tale of my last trip.

It all started with a call from a fellow raider (Mark) on Saturday asking if I was interested in a trolling and bottom bashing session on Sunday. As the weather reports where not so hot and changing every report the answer was yes weather depending. So for the rest of the day we kept in touch and at 5pm the decision was made to go as the last update on S/B was looking pretty good.

So pack car and have 6 quick beer set alarm for 1.30am and hit the sack at 10.40pm. Now with little sleep and alarm screaming drag myself from the sack and head over to Mark’s house, arrive at his place at 3.30am grab the gear out of car load into boat and we are off.

Hit the ramp approx 4.30am and head for the heads of Botany Bay. Arrive at the heads approx 5.30am and conditions are as good as the forecast said.

So now throttle up and head for spot south of browns. First thing we were going to was bottom bash a spot that Mark had on his G.P.S. Arrive at spot approx hour and a bit then it was straight to the bottom, fished here for a while with no luck so pulled stumps and headed for browns which was some 15kms away.

Decision was made to do a troll as we were on the water early and had some time to kill. So out goes lure number 1, it would have been lucky to be in the water 15min when the 15kg go off so as it was not my boat Mark gets first go and I get the gaff ready.

The run was short then slack so sprits drop a bit as thought it had spat the hook but this was not the case it was just swimming back to the boat. Mark say it’s not pulling all that hard so I help boost his sprits and call it for a stripe :biggrin2: (what kind of mate am I) but this was not the case it was a fin.

Not the size we were hoping on but it was a fin, :yahoo: So with a few short runs at the boat the fin is gaffed by Mark himself as deckie was not taking the chance on losing the fish with a bad gaff shot.


Now with fin in boat and bleed we head off again, start on a big circle to where the first hit happen.With 2 lures in and a steady 8 knots it was not long before the 24kg goes of and once again I head for the other rod and Mark grabs the 24kg.

As I was retrieving the 15kg it also goes off but this was very short lived. So Mark hands me the 24kg and I now have the feel of my first fin for the season in some 8 to 9 trips to browns and beyond.

There were no thumping screaming runs but it was my first fin for the season. With the 24gk being over kill on the small fin the fight didn’t last that long. So now in the boat we set lures again and do a few laps around the same area for nil. We make course for browns as I had another goal to achieve and that was to catch a blue eye and gemmie.


On the way too the mountain we had two more hits but no luck. :mad3:

Bottom bashing at browns in hope for a blue eye or gemmie only produced some deep sea perch

With about 12 drops between us we ended up with 400 meters of 80lb braid lost :ranting2: and 10 perch to show for our efforts.

We pull stumps and start the troll towards 12mile. Trolled to 12mile zip, run to the peak zip, run to the flat head grounds for one sweep.

With time approaching 5pm it was time to pull stumps and head for home. Arrived ramp approx 6.30pm. Arrive at Mark’s house 7.30pm give him a hand to clean the boat a bit then off home.

Day end at 11pm

But all in all great day :1fishing1: thanks again mark



P/s so there is no confusion i am the fat one without the shirt :074:

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great work there lads,

geez that poor YF looks like it was in a murder scene haha dont they throw out some blood..

awesome conditions by the looks of it

top stuff

cheers steve

Yeah your right Steve, I said to Bob get a photo quick so we get the colours, he forgot to tell me it was covered in blood. The YFT were full of small fish, and there seemed to be a lot in the water.

I finished cleaning the boat this afternoon its amazing were the blood splatter goes.

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Wow thats a huge day fella's. I feel worn out just reading it. Nice couple of fish. Pity you didn't get the bottom species you were after Bob.

Thanks for the clarification Bob on the tummy I thought Mark had put on a bit of weight due to stress while

the Marine Radio test papers were being marked :074:



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Hey boys good looking photos and the fins wern't bad either, those kind of waters make me wish I was there with you, well done guys and heres to more fishing in calmer waters.

Tight Knots


you are right about the the fin not being that bad :Funny-Post:

just ashame they did not weigh in as good as one of the boys ( the fat one with out the shirt ) :biggrin2:



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Well done on some nice YFT

Thanks netic

I was sure that the season was going to end up with no fin.

After eight to nine trips to the mountain and no fin the season was looking bad.

But thanks to Mark this was not the case.

There may have only been jelly beans but at least they where fins.



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