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Middle Harbour Wrecks


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Hi all,

I went out a few years ago before I got my boat with a well known sydney guide and he put us onto what looked like a small reef or something similar.

Mate and I managed to sound it up a few weeks ago and caught a few fish on it. No more than a few metres difference from the floor but enough to hold fish.

Interesting thing was there was a reported boat sunk almost 100 years ago reportedly near the site I found.

Reef or wreck........not sure but it is not big and would my idea of what a wreck would look like. Got a mowie off it and will be hitting it regularly with some livies or squid.

There may be some truth to the myth


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Mate from what i have been told there are over 15 wrecks in MH, But these locations are very tightly sealed secrets by people who know where they are.

I have spent Hours and hours sounding out MH ( over 100 hours) and have been lucky enough to locate what looks like 6 wrecks in different locations.....

You have to understand that nobody will give up these locations mainly due to the fact that 75% of anglers dont have a clue when it comes to ettiqutte when dealing with wrecks, people anchor on them and then dont allow anyone else to work them.

At last years social i revealed the location of a MH wreck during the chat session, then on the social day i went to the location to downrigg and guess what......over 5 boats were anchored on and around it and it made the wreck absolutely unfishable for me cause i couldnt get a decent downrigger run.

Thw wrecks arent big, when searching for them have your sonder set to 50hz as this will give you a wider search beam, once a wreck is found on a 50hz beam then narrow down to 200hz to find its exact location.

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Not easy to get much info from anyone who has there favourite fishin spot,its not the person you tell about

it,its how many people find out about it after that.Then that's when guys without any common sense crowd

a spot & anchor on top of you without any consideration for anyone else.

When i find a good spot i just go there fish it & dont spread the word much,not many will do,so get out there

find a few good spots yourself & dont rely on other's info, as it probably wont be too accurate anyway.

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thanx for the replies guys. upto 15 wow sounds good so its true after all thanks for the advice with the sounder netic i guess we'll keep looking for em good to find new holes and dropoffs along the way too. At least i know theyre in there sumwhere :beersmile:

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When i find a good spot i just go there fish it - find a few good spots yourself & dont rely on other's info

Nexus has it spot on raiders.

Stop thinking that everyone else has 'special' spots better than yours.

be confident when you fish - go out there with a plan & try something new for yourself.

It makes fishing exciting and you will learn far more in the long run by fishing with an open mind.

You never know - you might stumble across an awesome jew-hole and land a 22kg beast this way...

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Spot on fella's.

Part of the joy of fishing is learning...whether it be new techniques or spots.

There is something special about putting in the hard work to develop your knowledge and seeing it pay off with some fish. I've only started taking my fishing seriously a few years ago and it is interesting to see how far I have come in that time.....

Now if I can only catch that big jew......but there is alot more hours I need to put in to get that one. Or a lucky day with a bag of petrol station pillies in the middle of the day, mid tide just after a full moon.

That's fishing.


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