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The Entrance 26/11


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Hi All

Just another post went up to the entrance for a fish got 2 nice blackies 33 and 35 cm and bagged out on my limit for whiting. whiting were taking tube worm and squirt worms. Hopefully can get up there some time soon. well atleast i wont be buying fish for a while :beersmile:

Also the inspectors made a visit which was great. they made a couple of fishos next to me throw in a few undersize whiting but i dont think they fined them.

It pees me off when these people keep on keeping undersize fish knowing that they wont get fined. In the last 10 years going up to the entrance I have never seen one fine issued :1badmood:



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Hi Ivan, i was at the entrance on sunday and saw the inspectors

talking to a lot of landbased fishos, it looked as if a lot of them

went home just after they were there. good to see them doing there job.

hasn't the entrance come alive since the flood. :yahoo:


Yeah its definatley been a good thing for the system. It has given it a good injection for sure.

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:thumbup::yahoo: Great day's outing, Ivan! Well done! The whiting have really been on the chew here too - more the trumpeter variety tho - smaller than the sand whiting. I see huge whiting sniffing around the leases when I am in my yak, tho & can only imagine them to be in numbers off the beach as well. Must pull some worms & give it a go. It is ages since I tried beach fishing!



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