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Adrenaline Shaken -27/11/07

PJ Garn

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Hi Raiders

Not your usual report but who cares!!! It all happen this arvo!!! :biggrin2: :biggrin2:

Adrenaline Shaken

Today I fished a spot,

The type you really ought not…

Weedy, snaggy turbid pool,

At one with nature, the Fishing Fool.

Between brief showers,

The sun pokes out its’ Golden Head,

In the murky brown,

Carefully they tread.

Frustratingly, my lines twitch and bounce,

You know the way...!!!

As around my hooks,

Carp… they play!

Eventually there’s a decent take,

And I spring up from my watery pew,

To strike and steady,

Prepared for the fight with you.

And so athletic creature,

At the end of my line,

You look for safety,

Of a snaggy kind!!!

Now to the water bravely, I venture,

Waist deep in this flooded arm,

I struggle to keep you,

Out of ways harm.

Just a flick of your powerful tail,

Finally, is all it takes,

To defeat me and my tackle,

And leave me with Adrenaline Shakes.

With trembling hands,

Frantically I re-tie my knots,

Given a second chance,

I’ll call the shots!!!

And just when I think my session is all but done,

I’m rewarded by another almighty run,

But this time I’m ready… a little wiser now

As I will you and guide you to my nets’ brow.

Now with you banked, weighed and unhooked,

We pose as our photo is taken,

And I sit exhausted…

Adrenaline Shaken.


My swim - a rod's eye view!!!


Sitting Adrenaline Shaken


She broke my net!!!!

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I was amazed at your rod sitting there hahaha, sure is something. Not to mention that ugly thing you pulled out.

Dave, who you calling ugly??? :mad3::mad3: Carp ugly??? Take a closer look... remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder!!! :biggrin2:


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