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The Swordfisherman And Mum


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Gdayyyyyyyy all,I had promised my 71 yr old Mum a trip out on the poly doing a little bit of soft plastic fishing. :biggrin2:

Picked Mum up at 4.30 am :074: and away we went down to the Cooks River.

It was a slow start due to the dirty water from the rain,but as time went on Mum started to get the hits.

Mum landed maybe a dozen small flatties on the lime tiger gulps and she was a deft hand still at casting.

I managed a few nice bream as well but the day went to Mum for the best and fairest and the most glamourous :yahoo:





It's great to take your Mum for a fish and enjoy a pleasant day out on the water and next time I will be poppin her Bass cherry for her.

Cheers Stewy

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Can see now where you get your good looks from Stewy. That is what we call bonding,and what better way than to take your mum out for a fish. You know,there is one sure thing in life,and that is, we only have one mum. Enjoy.

Cheers BART.

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It's nice your Mum enjoyed the session Stew and was so happy and smiling like that. She was certainly dressed very colourfully for the occasion and it was good see her catch so many fish on the lures :thumbup:


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

lol your mum is wearing my two favourite colours for chasin flatties at night.... thats why she got all the fish....bloody metrosexual flattys love pink

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