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Guys, Just a quick one..

Ballpark me a price you would pay for a 13ft tinny in decent condition with an old, yet very reliable 6hp Johnson & tank. No trailer. Sorry no pics. Basic, but she goes.

Selling it to an acquaintance and want to get a fair-ish price :)



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Hi Skunga. I agree with Huey. The price given by Huey is what older 5hp's are actually bringing. Hardly used 5's are bringing around $600-$700 and near new late models less than $1000, and going by the prices of brand new 5's that would be correct.

The hull price range Huey mentions is close enough to spot on without seeing the hull.

Maybe, allowing for the fact that price can be influenced by brand, style and intrinsic value of the hull, to discerning or educated buyers of certain brands, and that works both ways. If a 13' hull is in good condition for age but where the brand and/or style is nothing special, it may bring slightly under. It may bring over if it is one of those sort after hulls.

Those factors would make a difference to a hull price when deciding what would be a "fair-ish price" to someone you knew.

Still I would be quite happy to buy or sell a boat on Huey's judgement alone.

jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Thanks both of you for your replies.. I appreciate it

I am going to sell it for a bargain - Probably $6-700 for the lot.

I think everyone involved will be happy with that.


At the very end of the day, it gets someone out there on the water in an otherwise unused vessel for summer, and some new gear for me :1prop:

Did I hear someone say shimano fireblood?

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