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$300 To Spend


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Hi All

Long time no post

I have $300 to spend for christmas and i am looking at getting a new light spinning outfit for the lighter side of fishing - Estuary / bass...

Can anyone recommend a nice new reel and stick that i should look at or combo for around this figure, i know its not much but i dont get out that much anymore due to work and my addiction to golf :fore: (we need a golf guy)

Its been a while since i have been in the game and i am a bit out of touch at the moment.

Cheers :1fishing1:

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$300 is enuff for u to get a decent light setup Faulks.

You could try to hit up one of the site sponsors or perhaps try to stretch ur dollar a little further by going the Ebay route. A nice small/medium Daiwa Caldia or Shimano Biomaster/Stradic would do quite well for bass/estuary....then you should still have enuff dosh for a tidy rod...be it a fibreglass or graphite :biggrin2:

Hope this helps :thumbup:


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I have just picked myself up 2008 model Stradic 3000 (awesome) over EBay from the US. I then bought from a local tackle store an Ian Miller Shimano Bream raider flick stick. All up, it cost me a tick over $300 and I reckon this is the perfect outfit that you are also looking for. :1prop:

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