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Syd Harbour Kings Sat


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hi all

headed out as planned on fri arv with mate TJ to chase squid for kings on sat morning

arrived at tunks at about 8.30pm and headed off

started off by dropping some crab pots in middle harbour

in the hope of some blue swimmers

then off to get squid squiding was slow to say the least

managed about 35 in six hours of solid squiding not too flash

but we had enough for the next day

as we were goin for a sleep a couple of boats turned up full of fellow raiders

we all said hi and exchanged info on the bait gathering

and headed off to sleep

up to a wet feeling as the rain started to come down

:1badmood: bugger it we are here now we might as well have a go

we downrigged a couple of markers in the harbour for zip

then we get a call from one of the raiders from last night they're onto some kings

so we headed over as fast as we could

turn up to see several boats downrigging the area

so were off and tj's first strike a couple of passes and hes on then off :1badmood:

my turn send the bait down take up the slack and bang the rod buckles i strike

im on :thumbup: 70 cm king was landed we continued this for about an hour

we got 2 at 70 and 3 at 60 dropped 4 and tj got smoked on hes last past

he got the biggest squid he could find in the tank and dropped it down

with a big smile

seconds later the rod buckled hard and tj strikes only to be bent in half himself

with 10kg of drag peeling from the real with ease and a 130kg man squealing like a school girl

ping bust off and tj is on his ass on the other side of the boat

it was one of the funniest things I've seen for a long time

with that the bite shut down

and with the rain not letting up we pulled the pin

we checked the pots on the way home for 1 blue swimmer that was put in the esky for dinner

in the end we took home 2 kings 1 bs and 22 squid

so it wasnt a bad day apart from the rain





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well done boys great pair of kings you boated there,

sorry to laugh at the raining pelting down on you boys :tease: hehehe i guess we were all fools in our own right

for being out there in such poor weather,, but what a morning it shaped out to be!!

at least it didnt shut down the kingy bite... great morning :thumbup:

cheers steve

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hi all

i just read my post i must have been tired

my spelling was shocking :1prop:

all fixed

andrewau you just have to put in the time on the water

its taken me a couple of seasons to learn and perfect my squiding



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