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Sydney Harbour


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Departed my place, God's country (CENTRAL COAST) Fri evening bound for ''Airport Control" @ Mr and Mrs Flightmanager and No. 1 son'.....

Landed early Fri night, for a few yarns and to take a walk down memory lane. (thanks for the pic Ross).

Hit the harbour reasonably early, and in my true form, brought the rain with me.

As mentioned, a first for me. I have only fished lakes and estuaries, a little land based, and some beach fishing. So... this was a first, and truely a sensational experience. I couldn't help but marvel at the beauty that our city has to offer. FANTASTIC!!

Well, we managed to take home 11 keepers, and oh so many more releases. We took half a dozen or so flatties some nice snapper, (A PB for me) some whiting and tailor.

No. 1 son, master of SP reined supreme and, at days end became a celebrity with the Japanese tourists.

Whilst drifting around, spotted NETIC with a few others, sounds like they had a big day.

I know I did, and would now like to take a moment to thank Ross and Brett for a top days fishing, it was great. Also, Brett gets a pat on the back from me, what a great young bloke he is.

Ross, your young bloke is a bloody good hand.

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I was really hoping that Rod would post the pics he took ( hint , hint ) .

Just to fill in a few of the blanks , I got home about 2030 on Friday night , and proceeded to teach the little I knew to my old mate of many years . Rod and I go back nearly 20 years , and many , many miles . It is actually all his fault that I now have a boat , and a huge fishing problem ( I cant get enough ) .

We decided ( or at least I did ) what our plan of attack would be , and very early on Saturday morning , we hooked up the boat , and made our way under very grey skies to Rose Bay. Typically , as we exited the CCT , it started to rain. :1badmood: It might have been wet , but the waters were smooth , and there was very little wind.

First port of call was Elizabeth Bay , and I set up an east to west drift. Brett was first to score , with a small flatty ( returned ) , then I scored the first of about 2000 pinkies ! A short time later , Rod was on the scoreboard as well , with a throwback snapper. Well , at least we knew that the fish were there!!

Brett noticed some bird action a little further out into the main harbour , so , after a quick rig change to metal slices , we began to chase them down. We chased them .

And we chased them .

Then chased them some more !!

I dont think they were actually on the chew , but more having fun with the large schools of bait fish that were in evidence ! Anyway , after 40 minutes of scooting from one spot to another , and a quick conversation with Netic ( nice Kings there Oz !) , we gave the yellow marker a go . First drop , and Im onto a Sgt Baker ( he will be part of next weeks burley!) . Then nothing.

It was still raining steadily , so we headed off to Spot X at Watsons Bay , burleyed up , and started to catch some fish. Rod scored a very nice 33CM Snapper , which went into the esky for later consumption !

Brett suggested that we head off to a new spot that had produced for us last week , over near Taronga Zoo amongst the moored boats.

Set up a drift , and we all started pulling flatties. Not huge , but all 35 - 38 CM long. I also scored a very fat 34CM Bream , not a great fight , but very satisfying nonetheless !!

Moved off after a few hours , back towards a spot in Balmain that had produced good flatties last week , but alas , they werent there this week.

Back to Elizabeth Bay for not a lot , chased the choppers for a while , then pulled the pin and came home !

Not our best days fishing , but very satisfying , Im sure Rod will be coming back to the Harbour soon !!


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