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Fishing Iron Cove And Hawkesbury River

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Had a work picnic day today and was lucky enough to go fishing the whole day!

Started the day walking the dog on city side of IC bridge at about 8:45 AM while flicking a 3" bm in watermelon around. Water was very murky coz of all the rain and I was struggling for even 1 bite. Changed to a 2" shrimp in lime tiger colour with instant success and managed to land a couple of flatties the best being 44cm. Fished till about 10:30 AM with nothing more to show for.

Dropped the dog off, re-stocked up on sp, jig heads and bait at the the local tackle stores and headed for Brooklyn to meet up for a fish with 2 of my work friends at 12:30PM.

We rented a tinnie and headed towards mooney mooney area to fish near and around oyster farms. I was using plastics while my friends were using prawns and pillies. Again I started with 3" bm in wm colour and could only get little tailor to bite. Switched to 2" shrimp and was on a solid fish but only to pull the hooks on it not only once by twice after it jumped back on :1badmood: It ended up not to be our day on the boat but the fishes day as my friend dropped a decent flattie right next to the boat (mental note must remember to bring landing net next time!!) Then on his following cast got on to one of those steam train bream that headed straight for the leases and was busted off in seconds!! I also was snagged up on a big fish which we assumed to be a bream but I unfortunately lost it. At about 4:30PM rushed the little 6hp engine back to the marina as the storm was imminent. Even though we failed to land a legal fish on the boat we all agreed that it was better than working.

Got back home at around 7PM (Damn traffic :mad3:) the storm had passed so I took the dog for an evening stroll and fish around the western side of IC near henley marine drv. This time started with the 2" shrimp and after a few casts I felt the slights of bites...I twitched the lure abit and the slack went fast so I struck and I was on for a solid hook up. After a few good runs I ended up with this 35cm breambo that totally engulfed the lure.



took a couple of snaps and put him back to grow to one of those 40+cm fish that I am still waiting patiently to land!!...one day he'll come back and jump on my lure again :1prop: one day.... All in all it was a great day of fishing and I only wish I could do this more often!!

Later fellow raiders!!


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I braved the weather this evening for a quick flick in IC. Arrived at city end of IC bridge at 730PM and tied on a small R2S popper. Ive been trying to catch a legal bream on poppers in IC for a weeks now (mainly using sure catch poppers) and I have had heaps of follows and hits but very little hookups and all were undersize. This evening was different and I was able to catch my first legal breambo on a popper.


She went approx 30 cm.

I was very very lucky coz after its spectacular smashing of the lure it took a big run to some shallow oyster covered rocks and grazed my leader. I loosened my drag and was able to guided it in. After lifting it up and over the short wall it came off as the treble broke. I guess today was my day...

So happy to land my first legal popper caught bream :yahoo:


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