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Lake Illawarra 12/12


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hi all,

have been a big fan of the fishraider site for some time now but havent been able to post anything as work has been too busy or the weather has been poor.

But finally managed a quick session after work yesterday as i was working in the wollongong area, decided with the boys from work that we will head to windang and chase some dinner. A report from the weekend from one of the boys was 53 whiting in a 2 hour session on squirt worms.

As we didnt have much time beachworms were purchased and to the lake we headed. It didnt take long and the whiting were on. as the weather turned poor we decided to pull the pin with 8 whiting to 38cm and 1 bream at 35cm.

Not bad for a 2 hour dangle. Hope to get back out soon.

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