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The Entrance Friday Nite


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friday morning... stuck inside... weather is great... not happy

prayed it would hold out and headed to the entrance at 4pm..nor-easter has killed my spot... ribbon weed everywhere, but i pushed thru for half an hour before i cracked and headed to the north channel

i was surprised to see only 4 fishos on the wharf and settled in to flick some plastics...4 casts later i swear change jigheads cast again swear again, and change to a hook and big ball sinker because the current was hammering out.... here started the fun

my mate was midsentence baggin me on the quality of my prawns when i caught my first bream at 29 cm, a nice healthy fish...

next cast gets hammered repeatedly for no hookup... he stops whinging and baits up... i said hey i'm a tightass and i had to empty the bait freezer..

a few undersize bream later i catch a whiting at 30 cm and then another one on peeled rancid prawns...

then the surprise of the day an estuary perch of about 20 cm on a prawn that put up a great effort...the rain up here must have pushed everything down to the mouth..

i kept casting and they kept biting. nailed another bream at 32 cm and caught about 20 undersize

some young fellas near me were spinnin plastics, but their missus was smashing em up using mullet fillet for bait.. she was hooked up every time i turned around, so i fished in my putrid bait baig and found 10 tiny yakkas that my mate bought last time he was up... i fillet one ,throw it out, flathead at 35cm nice back in the water


used all the yakkas and on the last fillet i knocked up a nice 35cm bream that gave me some trouble...

grabbed a tuna fillet and a mullet outta my bait bag and it was the same thing, heapsa bites a few hookups a lot of undersize bream, and 3 flatties all on legal....this was around the time i found "the rod holder"...as soon as my rod was placed into this special hole, bites would soon become hookups, until i picked up the rod again..(don't ask where local secret lol)

i launched a big prawn out at about 9 pm and it got seriously hammered, 15 meter drag singing run followed by a few headshakes and nothing... dammit... from the bend in my rod i'd say 60 cm plus ...

hit weight the next cast on tuna strip and i patiently pulled it in thinkin big flatty playing dumb, but when my line arced to the side a couple of times i knew what was up...

" i need a net boys"


"why the $%^& do you think-- a bloody big swimmer crab!"

to cut a short story shorter my mate, god bless his kind drunken soul, botched a net shot and he was goooooooone...that was my fault though i should have netted him myself....

a consolation prize came along with a 45 cm flatty and i caught 2 30 cm tailor at 11.30 just before i left...

all in all i had a crackin night and the fish were out and about...


kept 3 bream and the 45 flatty,the whiting were stolen by my mate with the argument that if he took no fish home his missus would kick him out and he would have to move to my house, so i gave the man his whiting and counted my blessings , and my wounds-- bloody gill spikes



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nice report mate. that warf spot you were fishing is normally full of fishermen. I like fishing there fore the flatties. one day i might even try a few drifts on the boat. i know they are there. If all goes well with the weather will possibly be there friday night the entrance not far from the channel or i might go up to swansea with the boat if my old man wants to come.



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