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Harbour 28/01/08


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G'day Raiders

Went early yesterday to fish for Kings in the Harbour. My mate had had a good day a few days ago and asked if I wanted to come along. SURE!!

Having read read a lot of reports of the raiders doing well in the Harbour I was keen to see how good it is.

He had a plan and stuck to it 100%. Hats of to the skipper.

Went straight to catch the livies then tried for squid and then went to the famous spot x.

There were a lot of boats around us and was amased at what happened next.

I tried to make a cup of coffee twice and was not able to do so - single, double and treble hookups. The whole morning the texies did a lot of bowing to the horizon and the old baitrunners moaned and groaned.

We did not loose a single fish all session and with 3 fish on at a time it was fun and games.

Here is the skipper with two keepers


We kept five fish for the table and gave up counting how many we released. The fish were all between 60 and 80cm.


We were hoping for the hoodie but he didn't show up.

Well you blokes who fish the harbour have a damm fine system there. There is a BIG difference between the Harbour and Hawkesbury.



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Guest GoFish Pete

Well done boys , you will be eating Kingy for days now.

Lets hope we have as much luck with :(((( on sunday.....fingers crossed for good weather and good fishing.


GoFish Pete

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Hi all,

I was just wondering If you caught kingys in and all through out Feb being 14kg plus, would anyone hear keep them at all to eat or just get the fish moulded? cause i have heard that they get worm's and if so i would only keep a few good one's to get them moulded, or do they not get the worm's and can they be eaten if you choose to eat them?

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Tony Davis from Fishfinder Bait and Tackle is a sponsor who builds superb rods.




(02) 9661 7967


Monday to Thursday 6.30am until 6.30pm

Friday 5.30am until 7pm

Saturday 5am until 7pm

Sunday 5am until 6pm


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