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Sydney Harbour Sat 29/03/2008


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went out yesterday with a kingy virgin on board so the pressure was really on.

spent a few hours getting squid and what do you know the $5 jigs caught all the squid then we set out to find the kings. We searched north head for no luck then tried all the markers , floating live squid under them again no luck, now im thinking this is not good as we had planned a bbq when we got back...well at least we had some nice squid . any way no luck in harbour so went up to MH threw out a live squid , fresh strips and some frozen strips from last trip it took a good hour or so when finally the rod goes off zzzzzzzzzzzzz and i grab the rod and give it to me mate any way nice little fight and a 70cm speciem comes on board.....beauty no meat on the bbq tonight!

and guess what bait we got the king on not thre live or fresh squid bu the frozen squid.....go figure all squid on cheap jigs and kingy on old squid?

mate was stoked 1 less kingy virgin

check out the ink on the boat




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