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The Result Of Attempting Night Time Luderick Fishing.



Hi Raiders,

For some bizarre reason I attempted nightime luderick fishing at Watson's bay (anyone ever tried this?).I guess I was trying to think outside of the square? or maybe I was very bored!

Anyway, no luck using cabbage so tried small bits of squid and pilchard to see what my tiny lumostick attached to my luderick float would look like with a hit. Sure enough caught a number of these little guys that gave solid downs but no fight. By the size of their eyes they seemed to be more like a minature version of a deep sea fish - like a nannygai or pearl perch! All were around 10-15cm mark and all went back.


Anyone got any ideas?


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yeah these guys hang in massive schools underneath pretty much any overhanging structure during the day.

interestingly i was diving shark island off cronulla on dusk and noticed that a lot more of these schools roamed around in the open. maybe they were feeding, i don't know. just an observation.

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