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Botany Bay May 1


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post-571-1209614590_thumb.jpgFirst post for quite a while ,not been doing much fishing but anyway went for spin in Botany Bay this morining first couple of hours it was pretty quite with just acouple of small flathead and a ocky ,was just about give it away when I got a very solid hit first I thought it was a ray untill it saw the boat and took off after 2 strong runs I managed get it into the boat a very nice flatty , my measure only went to 65cm but I think it was pushing 70cm ,

See pic

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gday mate , i was also out thismorning , were you fishing around the moored boats near the motor boat club by any chance in an alluminium plate boat (white)? cheers , cam.

No mate I was out in the middle of the Bay most of the morning

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nice fish buster!

do u reckon the bay is getting better for fishing? i havnt been inawhile coz the last time i went was pretty crap, so ive been going to longy!


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