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Brooklyn Saturday

Shark Bait

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Hi all.

Fished Patonga 3.30pm saturday with a friend of mine who had never caught a fish before. Fishing with plastics, we caught 6 in an hour and a half. 5 were legal, & he caught four of them. We were stoked.

From there we went to Barrenjoey to chase Tailor. We were trawling Rapalas in 7 metres of water when we got snagged & lost 2 lures. From there we cast into the wash on the rocks, trying different spots. Caught nothing.

From there it got dark & we went to Little Wobby chasing School Jew. We were there for the turn of the tide for about 2 hours for nothing. Normally I'd stay in one spot & sook about not catching fish, but this time I figured we'd move & try another spot. We went to the 3rd pylon on the northern side of the railway bridge & set up our squid again. Just got comfortable & the eels moved in. Two eels later at 10pm, we figured it was time to head home.

A top evening on the water, we got in to some flatties & my mate will be grinning for a week.

Oh,....Thanks brickman for the advice for fishing Barrenjoey. I'll try again next time.



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Good effort Shark Bait,

I had a similar result of Sat morning, took my neighbour out taught him how to fish a soft plastic.

He caught 2 in the first two casts we ended up with eight from 36cm to 56cm absolute ripper of a day calm and sunny.

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hey rick good to see you get a mate hooked up just as good as hooking up your self

we went out sunday morn,had a ball on the smelly salmon short but sweet

we couldent hook up on the lures but scored on the small poppers

may have to hit the joey later in the week the tides look cool for thursday right through the week end


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