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Georges River 23 June 2008

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got on the water early about 6.30 am and slowly motored though Oatley bay

with a westerly blowing we went to a spot we had been last month

first 5 minutes and I was on , nothing big , but nice to release a 38 cm flattie

next cast i'm on again and this feels better , 28 cm Bream , also released

this goes on for quite a while as the bite hots up

by 9.30 I had a few in the keeper net but Dad was yet to land a legal fish

around 10 , i'm getting strong tugs on my lure , strike , miss , strike , miss again

cast to the same spot and , miss



after over ten minutes I get a look and it's a good Flattie

finally get it near the boat and Dad net's it for me , bleeding badly so it makes it's way into the keeper net

dad is next into the action with a good fight on a Breambo

this fish fought well above it's weight class

we had so many dropped fish after this it was not funny, sharpened hooks and all

caught a few more bream and flatties and called it a day

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